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Our certified PPC Experts manage PPC campaigns on various platforms every day enhancing the ROI, optimize conversion rate, and creating successful paid ad campaigns. With our PPC campaign management, we ensure that your business doesn’t just Survive but Thrive.

With our PPC campaign management, we ensure that your business doesn’t just Survive but Thrive.

Why PPC is important to your Online Success?

Google, Facebook & Bing ads are the leading Pay-per-click advertising platforms. A PPC campaign is simple and effective advertising avenue that allows business owners to creatively use text and images to reach a highly targeted audience. So, when a user searches for certain terms, or based on user’s profile & interests (on Facebook), the advertiser can make sure that their ads appear in the search engine results or display on the Facebook platform. Here are the top reasons that advertisers choose PPC advertising for their business.

The Process Followed By Our PPC Agency Toronto

Discovery & Research

We listen, listen, and listen to you. We learn about your target audience, profit margins, understand the subtle details of your client persona and everything you can share about your business.

Competitive Analysis

We spend time to deeply understand your industry and competition. We club the learned knowledge with leading PPC analytic software to get a detailed insight into your competitors’ campaign behavior to formulate our strategies.

PPC Account Analysis

Your account’s historical data holds immense value to provide insight into historical trends that can help shape future strategies.

Campaign Creation

Now we take all the data gathered through our research and create effective PPC ad campaigns divided in strategic ad groups. With our careful planning, we ensure to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for you.

Review, Optimize, Repeat

As the campaign progresses, we use the newly acquired performance data and use it to adjust and optimize the campaigns for enhancing the performance. Trying new ads, A/B testing and continuous monitoring to regularly optimize the campaign performance for crucial metrics and overall campaign ROI.

Awesome Results by Our

PPC Management Team Toronto

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It’s rare to find a partner like Biz Empower that genuinely gives a damn! Their strategically-led visual branding work for my firm gave me with confidence to think bigger and go after big goals.

Paul Whitfield
Paul Whitfield
Founder & Managing Director, Business Results

Very good team. Fast execution, very good communication, couldn’t ask for anything better. Very well done! They are very good at SEO. Very good with any task they have set in front of them! I would recommend to anyone!

IPG Professional Management Inc
IPG Professional Management Inc

Biz Empower has done multiple projects and tasks for my company. They have delivered in a timely manner and have produced quality work and images for me. Most of all, their rates are very affordable for the quality work they produce.


Once again, this team never disappoints. They are very fast, great creativity, timeliness, and very great technical skill. There is nothing this team cannot do!

IPG Professional Management Inc
IPG Professional Management Inc

I needed my website to be perfect from all aspects and Biz Empower made it possible. From designing to content planning, everything is spot on. End results were just as I had expected them to be, gorgeous.


My vision for my website was different than what’s traditionally done. Biz Empower presented flexible website development solutions to flawlessly execute my out of the box ideas. A long-term professional relationship is definitely on the cards.

Stephan Wingate
Stephan Wingate
Director- Stef Mouchie