Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

Bizempower surveillance team is here to keep your home and business safe from intruders and all other unwanted events like fire and carbon monoxide exposure. Our goal is to provide you with the best-in-class hardware including indoor/outdoor cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and NVR (network video recorder). We will install and configure all components to provide the most stringent security system to satisfy your needs and to provide you with the much-needed peace of mind that both your business and home are safe.

Network Security Monitoring & Operations

Our expert team of highly trained consultants will guide you through the understanding of the cloud and how cloud automation can drive efficiency in your business. We will first begin with a thorough understanding of your business and existing infrastructure, from here we will architect the best solution for your needs based on the most efficient cloud design and configuration.

IT Procurement

At Biz Empower, we know that occasionally things can fall between the cracks and maybe miss in your support contract. To this point, we provide a IT Procurement contract to cover those corner cases. Our trained staff will place the same emphasis and focus on the issue at hand to ensure a speedy resolution. We at Biz Empower are always here to support you and to partner with you towards a successful outcome for both of us. We can provide product recommendations, accurate specifications, logistics, ordering, installation, and returns.

Emergency Services

Businesses of today cannot afford any interruption in service, because as the saying goes“you snooze you lose” customers will not wait, they will find another source to satisfy their needs. Bizempower is very well aware of this. Our highly trained experienced team of professionals is on the alert and at a moment’s notice is available to address any of your IT infrastructure emergencies that may arise.