5 IT Managed Services Trends to Boost Your Business in 2022

In this multifarious world, Information technology has taken up all the space. To be able to meet clients’ demands and supplies, multiple laws and trends keep changing every minute. This demand of meeting demands and supplies has ushered the need for an optimized & work-efficient managed service provider in this context. Managed IT services Mississauga is held responsible to perform all the backend support such as hardware installation, overall network security, cloud consulting, data recovery, and much more. Also, this COVID-19 pandemic has made managed IT services necessary for all types of business to make WFH(Work-From-Home) culture go smoother and easier. Managed IT services Mississauga are required when in-house skills are no longer sufficient to handle on-demand business requirements. Let us now check out the biggest Information Technology Managed Services Trends.

Automation Adoption

We all know that all industries are adopting automation as this helps in smoother operations and removal of redundant & repetitive tasks. However, each company’s automation needs remain different but all are focussing upon reducing their tiresome labor time and adopting automated habits. Biz Empower is one such business solutions company in Mississauga that helps implement custom automation across different business processes. We are pretty much focused on customer & employee satisfaction on a regular note.

Infrastructure Security

There has been a dramatic uptick in the number of cyber attack cases per day. With such a huge number of cyberattacks, it’s become quite important to safeguard network infrastructure. To do this, organizations must possess the right team with the right skills. Only the experienced & professional team will be able to implement required security efforts that will drive favorable results. The experienced team will efficiently identify the touchpoints that are most vulnerable and simultaneously craft solutions to secure them, implement them, and monitor them afterward. Mostly small to medium sized companies face such challenges and demand for some backend technical support to stay upfront in the market and to be able to grow exponentially. 


There has been a 400% increase in brute-force attacks on machines specifically being operated for RDP(remote desktop protocol) and an almost a 2000% increase in malicious files with “Zoom” in the name. We can help you set protocols in ensuring new clients’ remote and hybrid environment is protected. We can help businesses secure their infrastructure and can become a recurring source of revenue by regularly monitoring, defending, optimizing security measures and regulations. We can help you save your business from highly sensitive cyber threats.

Network Agility

Network agility can be defined as the speed at which a network can adapt to change while staying resilient, secure, and managerial. Companies have been continually facing network speed issues such as 5G disruptions. There is an urgent need for companies to get collaborated with It solutions company in Mississauga providers because they ensure end-to-end protection for your networking platforms. They entertain you with all types of necessary business solutions. Their robust network operations center can help you maintain the speed of digital transformation.

Many businesses today are following server virtualization in order to reduce unexpected downtime and network losses.

Enhanced Service Delivery Via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Managed IT Service Providers help companies with artificial intelligence (AI) deployment and machine learning to improve their service delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction. If your MSP holds the potential to improve the rate of services offered and assist you in decision-making, go for it. A good MSP will also help in improving IT Service Management (ITSM) processes with functionalities that enable human workers to focus on more important activities. 

You can enhance the quality of service delivery with AI as it also empowers automation, allowing bots to learn instead of deploying humans to do repetitive jobs. AI and machine learning could also improve work efficiency by proactively predicting issues and coherently preventing them. Machine learning models can further help MSPs improve service quality and enhance security. For instance, intelligent data mining can reveal optimal times to push patches to various end-points – decreasing failures and increasing client satisfaction. It can also improve security management, enabling intelligent detection of data exfiltration and identifying the reason behind repeated account lockouts.

What do you think of managed services as business support? Do you think they will help in disrupting newer business paths in 2022?